About Us

A Fresh Start: is an approved training provider which offer services that support a variety of groups of individuals, from unemployed “disadvantaged” adults & young people’s facing into work barriers to in work individuals on low pay seeking career progression and movement up the career ladder.  We offer progression into employment & self-employment as well as continuous professional development (CPD) programmes through nationally recognised accredited training combined with work experience programmes.



We help Raise participation in the local community, build motivation and aspiration levels, while building life lasting capabilities.


We take each participant through stages of information, advice and guidance, personal development, career building and work focused progression courses.


A Fresh Start services:


Advice & Guidance:
Career and educational assessment and direction planning.


Community Learning – Building Skills:
A range of short basic skill courses (some at level 1) including Budgeting, Essential IT and more delivered at various locations across Hertfordshire and north London.


Accredited Training:
Entry 3 – Level 5 qualifications, covering a variety of subjects including Administration, ICT, Care and more.


Engagement Programmes:
Creative programmes including Business Start-up and more that encourage you to explore your creative outlets while picking up qualifications and workplace skills.


Exploring individual barriers & creating future action plans to overcome past blocks. One 2 one support & long term support networks.


Work Experience Programmes:
Learn and work (most often unpaid for a short period) to boost your CV at the same time.


Bespoke Courses:
Courses specifically designed at an organisations request to meet the needs of staff development and or service user groups.


A Fresh Start Mission

Raise community aspirations levels by building skills, motivation and creating life lasting capabilities.

Our Objectives

Provide quality guidance, training and career progression.